Does anyone have experience with Todoist's Twist?

I'm looking for some communication options for communicating with co-authors on different continents as well as a potential replacement for Skype-based thesis supervision meetings.

Turns out Skype Business is a pain in the ass if students aren't using their university accounts.

Boosts/suggestions very welcome!

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With all the attention on #unitTesting, which absolutely has its place in quality #software #development, we must not turn a blind eye to integration and deployment testing.

If your application server is not your dev machine (usually it isn't), then only running a deployment and running the application afterwards will show the gaps and errors.

Containers help reduce the gap between staging and production, and help spin up tried-and-true production servers once testing is complete.

Software is trending in the wrong direction. Decreased transparency, centralisation, and proprietary monopolies.

In this article I describe the 5 ingredients to ethical software:

- open data
- open source
- distributed deployment
- decentralised hosting
- end to end encryption


Let's make software less about profit, and more about people again.

#opensource #privacy #encryption #foss #software

A big lack in UX/UI design these days in my eyes: That a single application can hog so much resources as to make the entire system unresponsive.

A page shouldn't be able to make a browser unresponsive, a browser or mailclient or etc, shouldn't be able to make the whole UI unresponsive...

#ux #ui #software

"We cannot start out by building the iPad Pro of the peer-to-peer, free and open Internet. We must build the scrappy Apple computers in the suitcases first. And yet, all the while, we must never forget what our ultimate goal is."

An inspiring 2019 perspective by @aral @indie


#FOSS #commons #peerToPeer #software #ethics #surveillanceCapitalism

I do #software development, system engineering, administration and end-user support. I run into #bugs at all levels, reporting them is a hassle, but I try, at-least when it seems fixable.

But how do we as developers, helpdeskers, admins, etc. deal with bugs that are hard to reproduce? So often a problem with a user just doesn't manifest when I'm standing next to them.

The one thing I know I can do is be understanding. Big-data might help, but at a price, in privacy but also in money.


Hey there, time for #introductions. I'm Micah! I'm a 31 year old enby who works full time as a #software engineer. I'm from #Massachusetts. My pronouns are they/them.

I love to #cook and learn all about home #DIY stuff. I'm not super handy but I'm slowly learning. I'm also an amateur at strength training, but I love it! I'm also a big fan of #anime and #sciFi. I was raised on Star Trek and still love rewatching it today.

I run meemu.org and scream.today as side hobbies. Federated social media, and especially user-run social media, is a cause close to my heart and I will always support efforts to decentralize the web and bring back the free dreams of the early days of the 'net.

Thanks for reading! <3

Fired: software sucks; devs need to try harder
Tired: the development community is insufficiently diverse in identities and ideas to produce good software; devs need to be more diverse
Wired: #software companies have bad incentives which lead them to not care about producing good software; #FOSS needs to get better
Inspired: all software #development involves encoding our society's ideas about a problem domain; we cannot produce good software until we produce a good society


Totally agree.

But as you know, I have a theory about this desperate sense of Doom that affect so many #hackers: we look at #OpenSource and we say "#FreeSoftware is becoming a #corporate thing!".

This is the result of years of #BrainWashing.

There is no such thing as #FLOSS or #FOSS: #FS and #OSS are different things because #software is tied to the people who build it. Different communities with different values, cultures and rules cannot be conflated in one word.

so, my dad is a mechanical engineer and i've been thinking about doing some kind of formal conversation with him to see what software engineers and mechanical engineers have in common. best practices, approaches to technology, tackling new projects, that kind of thing. i'm gathering questions and pinging my networks for some ideas.

if you could sit down with an engineer, what would you ask?

retoots encouraged!

#programming #software #engineering #development #tech

Time for an #introductions

I'm a white cishet man, more or less living at the top of Privilege Mountain, trying to learn to dismantle and undermine that privilege.

Things I'm into:

Things I'm (interested in?) learning about:
• And all the stuff above, naturally.

This is, of course, incomplete. 🤷🏻‍♂️

For all parents who consider to use apps to control their childrens internet or smartphone activity:

Please don't. Instead of monitoring it, spend time with you children and talk with them about what they do and see on the internet.

Have trust in your children that they can surfe themselves and if you think they are not ready yet, don't give them a smartphone or notebook on their own. Be with them.

What otherwise can go wrong, we see here:

#parents #internet #software

Who wants to work with me and @dajbelshaw, developing the #ActivityPub based #federated back-end for #MoodleNet?

We're looking for a #developer familiar with #Elixir (or transferable skills like #Erlang and #RubyOnRails).

The whole project will be #FOSS and you can work from home, what's not to love ;-) Please RT!


#tech #job #programming #jobs #software #remote #federation #decentralised

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#xkcd: #Voting #Software xkcd.com/2030/

Randall Munroe says it well:
There are lots of very smart people doing fascinating work on #cryptographic #voting protocols. We should be funding and encouraging them, and doing all our #elections with paper #ballots until everyone currently working in that field has retired.

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Ho mais les Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre c'est déjà ce Samedi à Strasbourg.
Philo, sociaux, techo, … le libre touche à tout et est accessible à tous. C'est même le principe :)

Plus de 200 événements sur le libre, du 7 au 12 juillet. On a un bel [agenda retro] (2018.rmll.info/fr/program/cale) pour vous organiser.

#libre #event #strasbourg #software #philosophy #sociology #law #IT #licence #opensource #free #sociologie #philosophie #lois #droitsdauteur #informatique